Simple Summer Shelf Decor

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For a simple and easy summer shelf home décor renovation, one of the quickest ways to change out your shelving is to find pieces that truly bring out your home and place them in areas that are open. Bringing out the detail in your home with open shelves showcase your style and allow you to change out your décor every season, or leave it as is all year round.

I love decorating and changing out my décor every chance I get. Usually, my home office space, kitchen, living room and dining room get a facelift every three months with new ideas and inspiration I come up with. For an easy, breezy summer shelf idea, I usually stick with cool or neutral tones as I feel they not only enhance my overall mood but make my home look absolutely stunning.

For the summer, I like cooler tones because they are so easy to style with other tones. Also, it’s so refreshing to have hints of blue throughout my home.

TIP: If your shelves look a little plain, try using a larger tray behind your accessories The tray will help bring attention to the center of the display and bring it out more.

When you’re decorating, don’t be afraid to use big and bold pieces – everything doesn’t have to match to create a masterpiece. The key when your creating your shelf décor is to use something large enough that will make a statement and draw in your attention. It should make an impact, but it definitely shouldn’t overwhelm you.

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