Moody Wedding Inspiration

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Moody and romantic weddings are made of magic and dreams. Pulling off a moody wedding theme is all in the details. If you’re looking for an unconventional twist to make your day stand out from the rest, a good rule of thumb is to make sure your team of creatives understands your vision and helps you to achieve the ultimate wedding of your dreams.

Moody Wedding Theme

Creating the perfect atmosphere is key when designing a moody wedding. The couple and the wedding guests should arrive in awe at hour spectacular everything is displayed. From candlelit tables to rich and deep floral colors, everything should create a dark romantic theme to capture the goal of the couple.

To combine romance with a bit of an edge, the color palette should focus on deep hues of burgundy and plum tones, mixed with soft, flowy features. You can add in touches of softness in the table cloths, the candles, the ribbons for the flowers. These all will pull together a nice flow and create the dark romance your couple desires to achieve.

Have the couple opt for darker hues when it comes to their selection of attire for their wedding day to further enhance the mood. Doing just the opposite also plays up nicely. When creating a moody theme, a dimly lit setting is key to what brings it all together.

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