19+ Springtime Photoshoot Styling Ideas

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Are you looking for inspiration for your Springtime photoshoot? These ideas for your next shoot provide the perfect mix of colors for cool or warm spring weather.

What Do You Wear To A Spring Photo Shoot?

For color palette my go-to colors for spring photos are neutral tones. They go perfect in any weather and they pleasant to the eye. I love neutral tones such as cream, ivory, or white. I also love pastels or muted tones like blush, baby blue, and sage. Florals are another great addition including stripes and patterns. Make sure you wear lighter fabrics such as linen or cotton as they light and airy.

When it comes to clothing I recommend linen shirts, flowy dresses, rompers, mules or sandals. Weather in the springtime can be unpredictable and layering lightweight knit sweaters or jackets is a great idea.

Below are 19+ springtime photoshoot outfit ideas for different weather conditions that are beautiful, with a touch of class for your next springtime photoshoot.


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Shop Pastels

Creamy neutrals

The beautiful crisp whites and neutral tones makes for a lovely combination of tones for this spring look. There is a bit of casualness in this outfit but it’s classy with touch of fancy, I love the market basket and the flowers which give it a classy touch.

Shop Neutrals

Shades of Blue

Shop Shades of Blue

Stripes & Patterns

Shop Stripes & Patterns

Sage & Green

Shop Sage & Green

How Do You Take Photos In The Spring?

There are so many ways to take great photos in the Spring. Below are 5 tips to help you with your next springtime photoshoot.

Get up early and shoot until late – The early bird gets the worm, and when it comes to photos, you’ll want to get to your destination early to avoid the crowds and also to take photos comfortably without many onlookers, or random people in your background.

Try something new and different – Getting creative with poses is always a good thing. You may do a little twirl as your hair catches the light and the camera catches your beautiful smile at just the right angle. Have fun and enjoy yourself during your shoot.

Look for the light – It not only brightens your face but it catches you with the most perfect silhouette and gives your images a soft touch. Make sure to find brightly lit areas as they make for the best Spring photos.

Get low – Some of the best springtime photos are taken when you are in the grass or in a bed of flowers and the photos really show the background images as well as yourself. They speak springtime more than anything. Don’t be afraid to get down low and be surrounded by your environment.

Have fun! – A photoshoot is all about having fun and enjoying the moment. Just enjoy your time in the cool, Spring weather and have fun knowing that you’re the star of the show today.

What Are The Best Colors To Wear For A Photoshoot?

The best colors to wear for a springtime photoshoot include warm, neutral colors such as cream, white and ivory. Other great colors are sage, blue and pastel colors like pink and yellow. These colors are complementary and will look best for your springtime photoshoot.

What Clothing Looks Best On Camera?

Linen and cotton clothing look the best when you are taking pictures. Also, patterns, polka dots and solid colors will look great on camera as well. It’s up to you to decide what to wear! As a rule of thumb, avoid dark colors like black as they can dominate the screen and take away from the photo.

Can You Wear White To A Spring Photoshoot?

White is a great option to wear to your next photoshoot. I love to wear a white flowy dress with a sunhat in a field of flowers for the perfect springtime shoot. You can also opt for a cream blouse and white trousers or jeans for a perfect color block combination. It’s up to you to decide what looks best and what you want to wear on your special day.

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