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17 Stunning Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Wall Decor Finds That Will Make You Say “Wow”

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Does your kitchen need a bit of a renovation? You may be on the lookout for some stunning wall decor finds and coming up a bit short, but in this post, I’ve rounded up the top modern farmhouse kitchen wall decor finds that will wow your guests – and yourself, with these amazing finds.

The farmhouse vibe is my absolute favorite, and my home is a blend of French décor and modern farmhouse finds. If you’re looking to recreate the modern farmhouse style with your own spin, you may find some of these ideas will give you inspiration to get your creative juices flowing.

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What Is Modern Farmhouse Décor?

Warmth, function and simplicity can sum up modern farmhouse decor. It’s chic and the perfect blend of country classic and clean contemporary design. Though this style can sometimes come off as messy, if done right, the modern farmhouse style retains a fresh look while blending natural elements, materials and imperfections.

Creating a signature modern farmhouse look is all about styling a simple and functional design. If you’re looking for a chic and effortless blend of contemporary modern design with cozy, chic living, the modern farmhouse style is the perfect style for you.

With endless inspirations and designs to choose from, the modern farmhouse style is a timeless and classic style that will always be on trend.

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1. Rustic Window Frame Plaque

This antiqued white window pane arch plaque is the perfect addition to your kitchen walls. It’s a great way to bring out the farmhouse style, even in a small space. You can create a unique view on your wall and in your kitchen space that will be the talking point for all your guests with this unique look. It would go perfect next to a large clock or even a side table to give this simple look appeal.

2. Display Cabinets

A great way to tie in your modern farmhouse decor is to add display cabinets in your kitchen. You can use the cabinet to display collected pieces that will bring out charm and character in your home.

Mason jars, wine bottles, wicker baskets and rustic pieces are always a good idea to display. Your cabinet can be either rustic or modern. I prefer the rustic charm as our home is modern. Adding a rustic touch is the perfect balance in your interior design style.

3. Botanical Prints

A great place to hang some farmhouse style wall art is on a gallery wall you can create in your kitchen. You take a blank wall and add prints to it to bring it out.

This is an easy way to create the modern farmhouse look on a budget, but also with authentic pieces you can find at the thrift stores or flea market.

4. Open Shelves

Floating shelves are an amazing idea to add rustic appeal to your kitchen space. You can really bring out your farmhouse style decor with the striking contrast of walnut wood against neutral colors, such as a white wall for a beautiful color scheme.

Adding your decorative items, such as vases, wine glasses or even copper pots will give your kitchen a farmhouse feel.

5. Open Kitchen Shelving Ideas

Open shelves make your kitchen feel like home. These shelves look amazing against white washed shiplap, giving your kitchen a nice contrast. You could even opt for your wooden shelves to go against white subway tile or white cabinets. The choices are absolutely endless.

6. Add Plates To Your Cabinet For A French Country Look And Feel

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7. Plants And Ornaments

Decorate your space with plants and ornaments. Decorating with plants and ornaments allows you to add your own character into your space along with a pop of color. Shades of green, blue, or yellow are always nice. Of course, the color is up to you. Be creative in your space.

8. Wall Hangings

Add character and charm with wall hangings to your space. They are perfect to showcase not only your personality but can also add character to your kitchen. Choose pieces that resemble you, your passions, and are also aligned with the modern farmhouse theme.

9. Use Traditional Materials

Adding natural materials such as wood cutting boards, copper canisters and cookware can bring out a farmhouse kitchen in your space. Whether you have a small or large area, small additions can make big statements when it comes to key pieces in your kitchen.

Wood Cutting Board | $130

Copper Canisters | $230

Farmhouse Cookware | $499.95

1o. Farmhouse Wall Art

These amazing paintings are framed and ready to hang and will be the star of the show in your kitchen area. With modern features, you can easily add rustic elements by adding wall art such as this in your space. Usually, I tend to go for looks that have old country homes as those feel more authentic to me. You can choose whatever you like that will make you feel right at home.

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11. Stone Walls

Create a beautiful backdrop in your kitchen with a stone wall. If you’re on a budget, the best thing you could do is to create a rustic vibe is to use brick wallpaper that gives off a farmhouse-style wall decor vibe. You can do an entire wall, or simply just the wall behind your stove. Make sure that you use pre-pasted wallpaper that looks like the real thing and feels like it too. Infuse your room with rustic charm and a touch of modern design.

12. Kitchen Utensils

Even the smallest touch can create a big statement when adding farmhouse kitchen decor. Wooden utensils are best and can add so much charm and character to your space when you add them in a utensil holder.

Even a small kitchen can make a big impact with small touches such as these. Placing them on your kitchen counter next to a cute sign, such as this one can really change the look and feel of your space.

13. Pendant Lights

Brighten up your home with pendant lights. A kitchen island pendant will perfectly balance modern and farmhouse styles, along with a touch of industrial. To enhance your rustic farmhouse decor, a vintage Edison light bulb is recommended to enhance the look.

14. Wood Frames

A wooden frame can enhance your home with a rustic feel. Add coziness and character to your kitchen with wood frames that add rustic charm to your home.

15. Black Window Frame

photo credit: Studio McGee

Black Window Frame | $747

Brass Hardware | $10

A black window frame can add a touch of natural elements into your space. If you don’t already, consider building a window into your kitchen to let in natural light. If your kitchen already has a window, consider replacing the frame to add charm.

A black window frame will complement neutral tones nicely, creating a modern touch against traditional white paint walls. Let in some natural light by creating a bright and airy kitchen with this simple touch.

16. Display China

If you’re looking to bring color to your kitchen, try adding hanging plates or beautiful display china in your cabinet or open shelving. This will add a splash of color and a rustic feel to your space. If you’re looking for a more modern look, try using a bright color palette.

If you’re looking to stick to a rustic farmhouse look, add a neutral color palette to your kitchen space.

17. Opt For A Farmhouse Clock

Add a touch of class and elegance to your kitchen by hanging a farmhouse clock. It’s an easy way to add kitchen wall décor that will complement your style and space. You can add a clock as a standalone piece or add floating shelf or desk underneath with a vase of flowers or farmhouse items. The choices are endless!

Other Interior Areas For Modern Farmhouse Décor

Add character, charm and warmth into any space in your home with modern farmhouse décor. From your kitchen to your bedroom, there are endless ideas and possibilities when it comes to recreating timeless chic style.

Dining Room

You can add a touch of farmhouse style to your dining room by adding natural elements to your space. Consider adding a farmhouse style dining table to your living area for a bit of a cozy chic feel to your contemporary style.

Adding farmhouse wall decor could also add a touch of charm to your space and give it character. Consider adding an antique chandelier or industrial lighting for the ultimate piece that will have your guests in awe at your space.

Living Room

photo credit: Castlery

A crucial feature in the modern farmhouse décor is getting the flooring right. Adding natural wood would really bring out the aesthetic to this design.

Having a rustic appearance that adds character and timeless appeal is the centerpiece of your modern farmhouse aesthetic.

Consider using wood grain to complete your farmhouse-style flooring. Another option is laminate flooring and hardwood, which is also durable and stylish.

What Do You Put On Farmhouse Kitchen Walls?

This is totally up to you! Typically, you want to add a mixture of vintage pieces and natural materials. Brickwork is a good example of natural material that is exposed in your home, giving a rustic or industrial look that can easily blend with a farmhouse style kitchen.

You can of course, recreate whatever you’d like. Adding fixtures, open shelves and vintage kitchenware are perfect ways to bring out your farmhouse kitchen ideas.

How Do You Decorate A Modern Farmhouse Look?

When you’re incorporating a modern farmhouse style in your home, you want to aim for neutral colors, as well as combining natural materials, such as wood, metal and exposed brick to bring out the style.

If you’re looking to achieve an effortlessly chic modern farmhouse look, pair white oak cabinetry and copper brass brass fixtures for a standout style in your kitchen.

photo credit: Architectural Digest

What Colors Work With Modern Farmhouse?

When you’re designing your kitchen space, you want to aim for neutral tones, such as white, grey, beige and blue. These earth tones work well because they enhance your space by making it brighter.

These color palettes are also timeless and classic, perfect for any room in your home.

What’s The Difference Between Modern Farmhouse And Rustic Farmhouse?

Though the two styles are quite similar, the difference between the two is that rustic farmhouse tends to take more neutral hues and has a more “rough” look. You can achieve this style by using natural elements, such as wood, brass and stone.

The term “rustic” comes from the term “furniture”, which means “made of trees and rough limbs”. This has been the defining characteristic of rustic style.

Farmhouse style tends to have more whitewashed and more refined elements. The rustic farmhouse style highlights decor within their natural elements, while farmhouse style focuses on natural materials but also doesn’t shy away from chic, clean aesthetic.

photo credit: One Kindesign

The whitewashed materials of farmhouse décor offer a bright backsplash for natural elements, which brings warmth into your space.

If you’re going for farmhouse décor, typically, the wood elements are sanded and polished and are still nude or stained.

This allows the natural color of the wood to be on full display, giving your space that farmhouse charm. Also, in farmhouse décor, wood is used quite often.

It’s typically just about everywhere. From wood beams to wood frames and flooring, it really brings out a home with its character.

Can Shiplap Be Used In Modern Farmhouse Décor?

Shiplap can definitely be used in modern farmhouse decor. To create this look, you’ll want to paint your boards a shade of white or stain them to give off that white-washed look.

If you’re going for a modern shiplap look, darker colors will bring out this style. To make your room appear larger, make sure to use vertical shiplap boards so your room appears wider. For a more modern look, use horizontal shiplap to broaden your look.

What Is Modern Farmhouse Style?

Modern farmhouse combines the elements of a relaxed farmhouse style and combines it with a modern twist. This can be something as simple as having a modern kitchen designed with farmhouse décor pieces throughout.

Maybe you have a wooden cutting board on display with wooden utensils. Maybe you have wood floors. These touches can add character and make up the modern farmhouse look.

Modern farmhouse is more sophisticated and less rustic. If you have rustic pieces on display, they are typically carefully curated. These can be brass kitchenware displayed neatly above your stove or on the wall. Sleek lighting. Granite countertops. These simple touches really bring out the modern farmhouse style.

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