11 French Country Vanity Options (& What I’m Getting For Our Remodel)

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The French country look has taken over my heart by storm, and with a remodel underway, I’m excited to share some amazing French country style vanities that I absolutely adore. A bathroom vanity takes up the most space in your bathroom, and it will be the focal point and the tone for that entire room. With that being said, your French country bathroom design should be elegant yet emulate the classic style that is French.

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When picking your French country bathroom vanity, it’s important to make sure your French country decor matches the old-world charm to complete your look. Take note that French country furniture has a rustic look. Sturdy, wood pieces that stand the test of time are the epitome of French country.

When shopping for your furniture, make sure to look for natural materials and rustic elements. Think of pieces such as an antique dresser or clawfoot tub.

Think of old-world charm and weathered items that still look beautiful. You can add touches of glam to your bathroom by adding a marble top to your antique dresser to give a splash of your own personal style.

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You might even opt to add wall decor for a pop of color, which would bring out the finish touches of your bathroom. Some of the best ways to add a refresh to your bathroom is by adding French art prints or a wicker basket filled with faux flowers or white towels to bring out the French design.

You can bring out your inner designer when it comes to French design, as long as you stick to some of the basic rules I covered above.

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Personally, I am not a big fan of over the top glam – it’s just not my style at all. Instead I prefer timeless French antique pieces, such as vintage mirrors or a soft color scheme to create a subtle French country look.

A great place to get ideas for your own bathroom is to use a piece of furniture from the rest of the home. Think of old dressing tables or an antique style table you could use to turn into a French countryside chateau bathroom.

You could add a sink to any piece of antique furniture and add some bathroom hardware to create your own French style. The possibilities are endless!

We’re changing our bathroom decor by turning a modern bathroom into a French country cottage style, including an antique gold mirror, pulling up the carpet to reveal hardwood floors, and adding a soft color palette to complement our style.

Here’s an example of the look we have in mind. Simple, yet elegant.

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In a separate post, I talk about ideas for a French country bedroom. You can check out that post here.

Without further adieu, let’s check out these 11 beautiful French country bathroom vanities for your space.

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The French country design is a mix of old world, classic style and elegance. I love this style because of the timeless pieces that stand the test of time. Also, I love putting my own creative touches when I piece together a room.

French country style isn’t complete with some touch of gold. It brings out the richness and the elegance of the timeless style. For an amazing French country bathroom design, include some of the French style’s favorite elements such as layering different designs. You can start with a neutral space with white walls and add finishing touches such as natural textures.

You can also add panels and shutters to complete the cottage look. Add subtle touches of marble, antique brass and of course, gold. Bring it all together and you have a French country cottage look.

If you have a large enough space, add an armoire. French country is not complete without the addition of one if you have the space for it!

Make sure you keep your color palette soft. French country is soft and subtle. Bright and bold colors are a total no-no when it comes to this design. Soft hues of blue, soft yellow, and sage green are perfect colors to complete your style.

As far as my remodel goes, I’m opting for a sage green in the guest bathroom. I love the softness of the color and how it makes the bathroom look and feel.

I’m thinking of possibly choosing this vanity as I really love the color.

We had wood floors installed throughout the entire house and the bathroom has them as well. It gives an immediate feel of old world charm and I absolutely love it. We went with a natural design that complements my love for rustic farmhouse and French country charm.

The master bathroom has a lovely walk-in shower, and we decided to upgrade the shower head to complement the French country charm throughout our home. The color pallette is a soft hue with marble touches, which almost looks greyish white. It’s such a beautiful neutral tone and it looks amazing with the antique mirrors.

Here is a similar style that closely resembles our modern take on French country.


For our half bathroom, we opted for a simple but elegant contemporary style as it’s just a small space and I wanted to keep things simple. It’s still beautiful and has it’s charm as well.

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There are so many French country styles, I hope you enjoyed this post and it helps you to create the French country bathroom of your dreams!

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  1. I love the suggestions and the styling. I love the cottage core design and this resembles closely. Love the vanities; they are divine and I’m thinking of choosing one for our small bathroom project.