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10 French Door Designs For Your Office You’ll Absolutely Love

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French doors add charm and elegance to any home, regardless of style, and adding them to your home office will not only bring in natural light, but is also a great way to add character, elegance, and the old world charm that is the French style.

Having made the change myself to my own office, I love the classic look that brings in a lot of sun in my space and makes my word day a bit more cheerful.

Whether you are looking to renovate your space or if you are building from scratch, in this post, we’ll discuss some of the best options for classic French doors for you to choose from for your next home project.

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What Is A French Door?

French doors are more than just beautiful doors, they are a classic and elegant way to allow in natural light into your space. French doors are constructed with panes of glass extending for more of the doors length. They are also known as French windows.

You can use French doors to enhance open spaces, use them as interior doors or as exterior French doors. Whether you’re choosing to go with double French doors or a single French door, the classic old world charm is everything and more when you add a touch of elegance to your home.

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Are French Doors Always Double Doors?

In 16th and 17th Century France, the French designed a window-like door that provided the perfect amount of light with easy access into the home. The glass panels extended throughout the bottom of the door and are known today as French doors, or as some may call double French doors.

Do French Doors Add Value To Your Home?

The double French door is such an elegant addition and a worthy investment in your home. They are relatively inexpensive and add significant value to your home. Adding unique textures to your doors, such as decorative handles can also prove to be a worthy cause as to raising the value of your home with little investment

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Interior French Doors

Creating an amazing office space with French doors is the perfect way to add a touch of class to your interior design. By elevating your home office space with French doors, you create the perfect ambiance of privacy when you need it, and also the openness as well.

I would recommend when choosing your window treatments to opt for a solid core material such as fiberglass or vinyl. These long-lasting materials will soundproof your space for when you’re working.

Fiberglass is also an ideal choice because it’s aesthetically pleasing and makes an excellent choice for your glass panes.

As far as the material goes, I would opt for a wood door as this will be for an interior space. Outdoor wood doors don’t provide the UV protection from the elements and I wouldn’t choose a wood door for an outdoor space.

Adding French doors to your living room or dining room could also be a wise decision. Adding the new doors to your space can bring in natural light, brighten your space and the rest of the house. There are so many options when opting for interior French doors, such as going for a clean look with a neutral color, or opting for a design that features wood shades. Either are great options when creating your interior design.

Personally, I love the French, classic style and opt for old world charm. I love my white wood French door and I love how airy and bright my room feels, especially when other rooms may not feel as bright or open. That’s the magic that French doors can create!

When choosing door handles if you’re opting for the French style, I’d suggest choosing gold or brass to give your space that touch of elegance that is naturally the French design. Here are some examples you can choose from to complete your look.

I’m thinking of changing my door handles from silver to gold. I really like this design and this one as well.

Interior French Doors: Questions You Should Ask

Should My Interior French Doors Open In or Out? This will depend on your personal preference but also the needs of your home and the location of the doors. There isn’t a rule that says the doors must open in or out – it has always been up to the preference of the homeowner.

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My interior doors open in, and that’s my preference. It’s also due to the location of my office and having the door open in was the best option for the look I was going for; French country cottage. So it all depends on your needs and also what works best for you.

How To Soundproof Interior Doors? A common misconception is that glass is not as soundproof as wood. This is actually inaccurate. Glass is more soundproof than wood. If you really value privacy, another option is to install double glazed glass for extra soundproofing.

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How To Secure French Doors? While your interior doors won’t require as much security as your exterior French doors, there is still a chance you want to protect yours space and keep things private. If this is the case, there are plenty of solutions for securing your space.

You could install a three point locking mechanism, which enables the top and bottom of the door to be secured. You could also opt for a door handle that has a lock and key. A simpler solution to prevent any uninvited guests 🙂

French Patio Doors

Having a space that opens out to your patio is an easy way to add a touch of French style to your home. Whether you are going for a modern design or a contemporary look, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to creating your look with exterior doors.

In my home, we personally have sliding-glass doors with large windows with a touch of French style. Our French windows have innovative window treatment designs that prevents them from becoming weathered by the elements.

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For your exterior doors, you can opt for custom vertical blinds for privacy or the convenience of a traditional shade. I personally love these classic curtains which give a touch of elegance to our living room that opens up onto the patio.

If you are more interested in shutters, I would recommend these faux-wood door shutters for adequate privacy or even the look of roman shades which will give a unique interior design to your space.

Is It Better To Have Sliding Doors or French Doors?

Personally, for our French patio doors, we have sliding doors. They offer ease of use and provide better security. If you are trying to save on space, they are also a good option.

Sliding does use insulated frames and a glass pack that are energy efficient and more cost effective. With traditional French doors, they aren’t that energy efficient and that’s why they are mostly used as interior doors.

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Because I wanted to recreate the look of French doors for our patio, we created the look by using the doors as sliding doors instead of the traditional double doors, which, in my opinion, flows with the aesthetic of my home and brings in more natural light. I love it.

French doors have such a variety of styles that you can choose them for your office space, exterior space, or anywhere you choose to bring your design to life. Exterior French doors of today often arrive prehung in a wood frame, complete with weather stripping and sill. This makes installation super easy.

french exterior doors

Exterior French Doors: Questions You Should Ask

Hire a Pro or DIY? While an experienced DIYer may be comfortable putting a door together, a pro can be in and out of your home pretty quickly – especially if you are installing a new door. Swapping out an old door for a new door on an existing hinge may be a challenge a DIYer is up for, but most homeowners call a pro.

How much do they cost? Cost can vary from the low hundreds up into thousands of dollars – it depends on the quality, the style and if you are choosing fiberglass or aluminum-clad wood. These prices are just for the doors. Installation is not included in these prices.

How long will exterior French doors last? Typically, exterior French door warranties last between two and twenty years. It also depends on where you live. If you live in the Midwest, it may vary depending on the weather. If you live on the West coast, that can also vary again depending on the elements.

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