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Ideas For A French Country Bedroom

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French country is my favorite home décor style and my home is decorated to match my style throughout. When The Husband and I bought our home, we debated a bit because of our clash of styles, but I’m happy to say we agreed on a modern French country farmhouse home décor.

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Our French bedroom is styled with a French country design throughout, and I enjoyed putting together the vintage pieces to make our home showcase the French country look. A great way to add a touch of elegance to your bedroom is to add throw pillows to your bed to make your home.

French Country Spaces

Creating a French country style bedroom can be easy with a few tips. Whether you’re decorating your guest bedroom or your master bedroom with French country bedroom decor, you’ll want to keep in mind the following style tips:

You now have a French country bedroom.

LALUZ Farmhouse Chandelier ($369)

I prefer white walls when I’m decorating a new space. It allows me to visualize a clean palette and I can get my creative juices flowing. I usually add a vintage chandelier to every room I can to add charm to the room. My home office has a chandelier and I absolutely love it. Even though I got a little bit creative with the color palettes in my office, it is the focal point whenever guests come to visit. They love my office room!

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When you’re decorating a French country bedroom, keep these French country styling tips in mind:

Soft Color Palette

You’ll want to keep your colors soft and neutral. They bring out warmth, they are inviting and simple. You can add a vintage touch by adding an accent piece to your room to bring out your style. You can gather inspiration from rural France and the French countryside for ideas to help you piece together your room.

Styling The End Of The Bed

You’ll want to make sure that you don’t forget to style the end of your bed. If you have the space, it’s a great place to add a tufted chair or bench for a romantic look.

Homelegance Amancio Arm Chair ($539)

Incorporate Neutral Textures

When I think of French country, I think of old-world France with Vincent Van Gogh paintings and small towns and villages. When you’re designing your room, I would suggest picturing detailed scenes of the bucolic French countryside and let your imagination run wild.

Think of distressed furniture and neutral tones with a mix of pale pastel hues. These color patterns bring out the true French country bedroom design when you work with these colors. Linens are my personal favorite when it comes to neutral textures as I love how they feel between my skin, but you can opt for cotton fabric as well.

How Do You Decorate A French Country Bedroom?

Creating French country décor is easier than you may think. You can use an interior design style of your choice to bring your French country bedroom colors to life. A good idea is to use French country furniture such as vintage accessories to help bring out the distressed look which is often found in French country style.

Whether you’re creating a modern French country bedroom or French country farmhouse style, you’ll want to incorporate relaxed textures, a canopy bed and a vintage French bedside table to complete the look.

What Styles Go With French Country?

French country compliments other styles such as rustic, soft, elegant and casual. French country incorporates wooden beams for a farmhouse style, exposed stone walls and free-standing furniture – not to mention neutral colors that bring it all together.

What Are French Country Colors?

French country uses a muted color palette and usually use the colors of nature and floral patterns to create a romantic style. The French country colors are red, yellow, green and blue. These color ideas can be used to create a cheerful palette of colors for your room.

What Makes A Room French Country?

Neutral pallets, airy, creamy whites and accent pastel colors bring out the French country charm in your home. You should avoid dark colors and heavy dark fabrics as they take away from the French country style. It’s best to use brighter, softer hues with linen fabric and a neutral color palette.

Can You Mix French Country with Farmhouse?

Absolutely! My home is a living example. We have high wooden beams in our home that give that French rustic farmhouse feel, as well as modern farmhouse to compliment both styles. Our kitchen is a French kitchen with a modern farmhouse sink with French country home decor throughout.

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French Country Bedding Ideas

French Country Bedding Ideas

You may also enjoy some of our other favorite picks for designing your French country bedroom.

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