Eco-Friendly Organic Cotton Clothing

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When you consider that the textile industry is the second most polluting industry in the world, something clicks for you. But how many of your favorite brands are actually addressing this problem?

This big change goes hand-in-hand with a growing demand for sustainable brands, not to mention those who also integrate a zero-waste production.

Cotton fabric is the world’s most widely used natural fabric, but don’t get me wrong, the fact that it is natural doesn’t make it organic. I’ll explain why:

Think of the fashion industry as your friend. How do we choose our friends?

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If we are picky about who we keep around us, shouldn’t we do the same with the clothes we wear every day?

You may have never considered that something so simple as getting dressed in the morning can also make a positive impact on you and make the earth a better place. But it actually makes total sense!

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Today, so many products are made of this natural fiber. From the face mask, you bought at the grocery store to your bedsheets. Because it has become so commonplace, it is easy to overlook all that is involved in getting to the final product.

Here’s everything you need to know to re-evaluate the relationship you have with your clothes, as you become more aware of the environmental impact they have.

The common misconception is that organic cotton clothing is very expensive but it’s actually not. Organic cotton is cut and grown without any chemical fertilizers or a pesticide-dependent crop, uses less energy, and releases less CO2.

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On the other hand, colored dyes are also still a problem in organic fabrics because of the toxic substances they contain. One way manufacturers are addressing this problem is with low-impact dyes, they have better absorption by the fabric and require relatively less water during the rinse process and less use of toxic chemicals.

Unlike food, organic cotton doesn’t have to be certified to be organic. It can be just a small percentage of organic cotton added in the production process to be called organic.

But there are ways to guarantee a sustainable cotton supply chain and be sure that the production in every step of the way, is organic, all the way from the growing of the cotton to the finished product.

The bottom line is, regular cotton clothes often contain harmful chemicals that threaten the quality of soil and water, as well as the health of workers in the fields and the local communities.

Knowing that organic cotton is produced according to organic agricultural standards, you can find different certificates that will help you make sure that your organic products were handled correctly.

One of the major certificates is GOTS, which stands for Global Organic Textile Standard, it certifies the entire supply chain.

Fair trade clothing is regulated, meaning; safe working conditions and fair wages to support the organic cotton farmers and their families.

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You will end up having a 100% organic product and Yes! Organic cotton is softer than conventional cotton, has a higher quality, and is more durable.

With that in mind, 2022 is the year to start thinking more sustainable when it comes to our shopping habits ( in case you haven’t started yet ). The last couple of years not only accelerated a tension between formal and informal but also created a shift in the way we engage with our clothing. The need to be physically and psychologically comfortable.

Mindful shopping for comfortable clothing has made us rethink and learn more about the brands we wear on a daily basis. Good news! There are brands out there creating sustainable clothing, which means that you can dress ethically and still look good.

Here’s a selection of the 21 best organic cotton clothing brands to keep your wardrobe updated in a sustainable way:

MATE the label

Female-founded and based in Los Angeles, MATE is made sustainably with Organic fabrics and low-impact dyes. Timeless styles with an ethical approach, perfect for a post-pandemic life. In addition, MATE offers an extensive size run in their most popular basics and uses marketing to educate consumers about ethical fashion.


A sustainable and affordable option for the whole family. Clothing made with organic cotton certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Pact uses fair-trade factories to design stylish essential clothes in a transparent supply chain that improves the lives of farmers and workers. Prices range from $20-$100.

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The go-to option for sustainable essentials for him and her. Based in Copenhagen, Organic Basics offers a variety of super soft and comfortable basics from underwear to activewear. Made of organic cotton certified by GOTS and low-impact fabrics including recycled materials.


UK-based sustainable and fashionable brand with an extensive range of clothing from super-soft knitwear to stretchy denim. A selection of styles made of sustainable and eco-friendly sources.


Focus their attention on designing contemporary clothing that is 100% ethically produced and celebrates traditional artisan techniques. Nomads uses GOTS certified organic cotton and the best quality natural fibers to create ethical fair trade clothing and beautiful bold prints for men and women.


One of the most famous and respected American outdoor companies that has been using organic cotton since 1996. They’ve also introduced Cotton in Conversion, which allows organic farms to sell their crop in small batches while they are still in the process of getting certified.

Patagonia also has a Giveback program in which they give 1% of sales to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment. Their Worn Wear program offers to restore your Patagonia pieces to look good as new and in that sense support circular fashion.


Designed in Canada, Kotn is an apparel line dedicated to manufacturing sustainable and eco-friendly clothing for men and women. Their pieces feature organic cotton produced in Egypt.

Kotn is also transparent on where they source their cotton as they work directly with farming communities and support small-family farms in Egypt. If you’re looking for a minimalist/ good-quality aesthetic for your everyday style, Kotn has a lot to choose from.

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A contemporary conscious clothing brand for women that integrates unique and minimal silhouettes with sustainable fabrics. Certified organic cotton remains at the center of Beaumont Organic’s collections as they’re always looking for ways to reduce their environmental footprint.


A sustainable clothing brand based in the United States and made fairly in Peru. It produces long lasting products using low-impact non-toxic dyes and GOTS-certified cotton. Moreover, the Fair Indigo Foundation funds education for children in the Peruvian communities where the cotton is grown.


WOC-Owned and California-inspired casual wear, made of low-Impact fabrics including GOTS certified cotton. An easy style done in a fresh and modern way for the laid-back lifestyle. Back Beat Co. also delivers around the globe, with free shipping on orders over $125 in the U.S


A fashion brand that uses organic cotton and recycled materials in their beautiful garments. Colorful Standard stands for many things, one of which is holding the fashion industry to the highest standard without compromising the environment or the health of workers. They have also developed more than 40 environmentally friendly vibrant shades that are Oeko-Tex Certified.


Sustainable fashion pioneer and a fair trade apparel company that has been creating versatile and playful eco-friendly clothing since 1991. People Tree promotes organic farming and is committed to giving farmers, artisans, and producer partners visibility and a voice.

People Tree showcases a wide variety of organic cotton uses and the integration of traditional skills such as weaving and embroidery along with hand dyeing techniques and hand knitting.


Ethically sourced, L.A-made and conscious streetwear brand. When it comes to production, Unified People uses natural and sustainable materials including 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton.

Thoughtful highly curated collections that prevent overproduction and keep apparel waste out of the landfills.


Pioneering sustainable denim, this Amsterdam brand offers a range of denim, jeans and jackets, as well as ethically made tees, sweats, knits, and dresses. All of the cotton they use is GOTS certified, and some is even recycled.


Affordable, high-quality, and seasonless garments that can live through repairs. Nudie Jeans takes responsibility from the raw material to the end of life of the product using Organic, Fairtrade, or Recycled cotton.

No matter when and where you got your jeans, you can always access the free repair service which promotes circular fashion. Fun fact: Nudie Jeans performs unannounced checks on factories and suppliers to make sure everyone is keeping to its high standards. Reports are published online for everyone to see.


Socks with fun prints that you can feel good about. With Conscious Step you can support the causes that are close to your heart. When you visit their website, you will have access to a customer service live chat that can help you during the purchase process. Moreover, Conscious Step only uses certified organic cotton to contribute to the cause you care about.


A laid-back and playful aesthetic combined with sustainable fashion. Olderbrother creates gender-neutral contemporary clothes that are equally tailored to fit men, women, and those that are non-binary.

Its name refers to those mentors, friends, or even older siblings who always have a hand ready for us. Everything in Olderbrother is dyed with natural dyes and produced with eco-conscious materials including organic cotton and blends of woven rice.


T-shirts that are designed and delivered consciously. Organic cotton essentials for men, women & children with a 100% transparent supply chain that supports fair trade and celebrates the farmers and makers in the fashion industry. The Good Tee also offers you free shipping on orders over $80 USD.

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A made in California women’s clothing with bold femininity that addresses the environmental impact of everything they design to develop their own sustainable, soft and timeless fabrics. With their ReAmour

program, you can browse, buy and sell Amour Vert garments that you are no longer wearing. Fun fact: Amour Vert translates to “Green Love” in French which is exactly what the brand stands for.


Stylish, handcrafted, sustainable, and ethically-made clothes that highlight ancient traditions of Peruvian textile design. Indigenous offers a wide range of organic clothing for men and women. Fashion that gives back to the people and communities who make it.

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Probably one of the most committed sustainable footwear brands today. The French brand Veja has been buying organic cotton directly from farmers for 15 years and is also the first sneaker brand to use fabric entirely made from recycled plastic bottles and vegan leather-free.

You’ve probably seen it out there With its distinctive “V” branding. Every year, Veja helps about a hundred vulnerable people to find a job and regain social stability. Fun fact: Veja eliminated ads and marketing costs to work back up the production chain and change it.

Our previous selection features brands that we love and want to share with you. Buying better can also mean supporting brands that are promoting ethical and organic practices. In the meantime

It’s important that we as consumers start cultivating more conscious and meaningful relationships with our clothes. As mentioned before, you can start by treating them as your friends.

Clearing out your closet can also bring positive benefits for your mental health and if you didn’t do it during the lockdown, now is the perfect time!

Being conscious about how you dispose of your clothes will help stop them from ending up in landfill rather than simply getting rid of everything you own.

Two tips to get you started:

1. Re-selling your clothes or organizing a clothing swap with friends and family is the best way to ensure they’ll have a second life.

2. By donating to charities and organizations you’re not only helping the environment but also supporting good causes.

Save this list for when you’re ready for your transition to a long-lasting conscious wardrobe.

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