Favorite Holiday Romance Book To Read

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The holiday season is upon us and this is my ultimate favorite time of the year. As an avid reader and writer, I’ve decided to give romance novels a try for once. In all my years of reading, I haven’t read a romance novel (shocking, I know!). But this holiday season, I decided to read Jasmine Guillory’s The Wedding Date, and to my delight, I couldn’t put it down.

I consider myself a tough critic – I won’t even look at a book if it doesn’t have 4.5 stars or higher on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. I’ve given the 4-star books so many chances, it isn’t even funny and they just don’t do it for me. So all the recommendations I’ll provide will be rated 4.5 stars or higher, so you know the book is good.

As someone who wrote my first romance novel, it was time for me to see what other romance novelists were writing so I could get an idea of what the market is interested in. I simply wrote my romance novel off the top of my head, without a second thought to read a book.

Reading Jasmine’s book was so refreshing, though. It goes through the story of the heroine and I fell in love with her because she was an ordinary woman. She had a little weight around the middle, she was short and she was Black. How could you not love a character like that? I felt that even though in some parts of the story, she does feel a bit self-conscious about herself, she quickly flips on her inner goddess switch and becomes the heroine she rightly is, leaving that victim mentality right at the door.

It was just a refreshing and relaxing read. I enjoyed it by the fire, sitting on my couch with my throw around me and a nice warm drink, looking up at my beautiful Christmas tree. How could this book not put me in the Christmas spirit?

Interested in The Wedding Date? You can check it out here.

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