Best Stops on an LA to San Francisco Road Trip

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Road Trips from Los Angeles to San Francisco

A drive from LA to San Francisco along the Pacific Coast Highway 1 in California is one of the best drives in the world. With its serene beauty and breathtaking views, it is a must-do to add to your bucket list. One of my favorite things to do is to hop in my car and hit the road.

I absolutely love road trips. They bring out the adventurous spirit in me. I love just hopping in my car and going to someplace new, or someplace familiar.

What makes it more exciting is that you can travel along the Pacific Coast Highway for the most scenic drive to San Francisco.

Whether you travel during the summer or in the colder months during the fall and winter, each season brings something different to explore.

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Living in California has only made my love for road trips increase two folds. Because there are lots of scenes, places, and miles to go and cover for an adventurer like me.

One fantastic road trip I can take numerous times is the Los Angeles to San Francisco scenic route. This particular road trip has a way of lifting my mood and giving me some joy as I ponder on God’s beautiful creations.

That is why I would be dedicating this article to discuss some wonder stops and places someone who is either an adventurer like me or a tourist can indulge in to explore the beautiful sceneries we have in the world, especially in that particular scenic route!

Getting from Los Angeles (LA) to San Francisco

If you want to get to San Francisco from LA, you can go by air. But if you are picking the road route, it is a 6 hours journey. The distance is about 382 miles or 615 kilometers.

Therefore, if you are going non-stop, you are likely to spend just 6 hours on the road if you are lucky enough not to experience any traffic restrictions.

Keep in mind that the stops and places mentioned in this article would mostly take you through Highway 1. Meaning there is a lot of inland driving involved here.

Highway 1 is my favorite highway to explore the California coast and the Pacific Ocean. If you’re looking for a beautiful drive that will take your breath away, drive along the coast.

If you’re pressed for time, the quickest way to get to San Francisco from Los Angeles is to take the I-5 Highway. It’s beautiful as well as you drive along the countryside but will get you to your destination much quicker.

The goal is to savor all the quirky attractions, beautiful nature, beach towns, hip cities, and sceneries along the stretch of the Golden State.

However, before delving into these stops, I will briefly discuss some essential traveling gears. Or preferably called the sightseeing gears, you don’t want to go on this road trip without them, trust me.

Essential Travelling Gears

1.    Rental cars

This is the most important thing for all road trips. If you don’t have a car of yours or a car that can make such a lengthy journey, you can opt for a rental car. The good news is that rental cars are easily accessible and affordable. You don’t have to break the bank to get a road-worthy rental car.

You can get a rental car by searching on to find suitable deals for car hire. If you are going on a family trip and would like to use a campervan or RV, you can check Outdoorsy. They offer a wide selection of alternatives.

2.    Google maps

After getting the issue of a car out of the way, your next concern should be setting up the google map. The basic truth is that you are not a tour guide, and you can’t claim to know everywhere around. You might even end up getting lost if you are not careful.

So, if you don’t desire to tag along with a tour guide, then set up your google maps to lead you properly as you make this long drive.

3.    Walking shoes

Comfortable shoes are a must. You cannot enjoy exploring if you are overly concerned with your shoes tripping you. Or if your shoes are not strong enough for a long walk around. You can decide to go for boots, sneakers, or strong leathers shoes.

Believe me; you do not want to embark on an adventure with heels. It will only cause you ankle pains and hinder your movements.

4.    Sunscreen Products

Our skin is sensitive, especially during the Summer. If you are not careful, you might end up with severe sunburns. You don’t want to be nurturing a painful sunburn when you can explore a lot. Never travel out or leave your car without a good sunscreen product.

5.    Winter Jackets

Summer is not the only time for a good adventure. Some fantastic attractions come along with the Winter season. But still, because of the cold weather that California can bring during the night and colder months, most people prefer being nestled under the warmth of a duvet or a nice winter jacket.

So if you decide to go during the fall or winter months, make sure you bring a warm winter jackets.

6.    Hand Sanitizer

Never leave the comfort of your home without a hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes. You can also go along with a face mask as you would definitely come across various people at these great stops. You do not want to get infected during the process of exploring round.

7.    Camera

What is a good adventure without captured memories? As much as you can remember visiting some places, the memories are bound to fade gradually without capturing pictures of them. You cannot make this incredible road trip without a camera.

You can decide to use your phone camera or a digital camera. Anyone is okay as long as you have a functional and bright camera with you!

Other important sightseeing gears you can take along with you include a portable power bank, water bottles, sunglasses, and wide brim hats. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the numerous best stops you can make on this scenic route. I am super excited to tell you about them.

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Best Stops You Can Make on a Los Angeles to San Francisco Road Trip

I will be discussing some 13 notable stops you can indulge in to make the road trip from LA to San Francisco worthwhile. Of course, there are majorly along the Highway 1 route, as I mentioned earlier.

1.    Santa Monica

One excellent place you can make your first stop is Santa Monica. Although it is still part of LA, its fantastic scenery makes it one of the best stops. You can start your tour from the Santa Monica Pier hosts different attractions.

Attractions like the Pacific Park, a traditional fair, containing a roller coaster, and a Ferris wheel with plenty of fairground games. This makes it a suitable stop for a family road trip.

Another amazing place to visit in Santa Monica is Palisades Park. If you want stunning views of the ocean and mountains, this bluff-top park along the northern coast of Santa Monica is the spot. Santa Monica also boasts of a farmers’ market.

So, if you desire fresh vegetables to include in your diets as you travel, you can stop at their market.

There are also a significant number of cafes and coffee shops. So, if you need a caffeine boost before hitting the road properly, you have nothing to be worried about, as you will surely get a cup of hot, freshly brewed coffee in this place.

Lastly, before moving away from this best stop, you can decide to do some minor shopping for yourself or your family. The Third Street Promenade, inclusive at the southern end, Santa Monica Place is packed with upscale department stores and designer boutiques of different brands. You can decide to shop at any of the boutiques present here.

2.    Malibu

Just twenty minutes from Santa Monica is another best stop; Malibu. Malibu gives this picture of celebrities living in beautiful beachfront homes with fancy cars parked in the driveway. Therefore, if you fancy seeing over the top of a stunning luxurious home, a couple of hours stop at Malibu is worth it.

Malibu consists of numerous beautiful beaches such as Billionaire’s Beach, Paradise Cove Beach, Topanga Beach, etc.

All these beaches have parking lots that can be secured for free or for a little fee. For example, you can park along the Pacific Coast Highway or near the Malibu Pier for the Billionaire’s beach. If you are thinking of where to park to stop at places like this, you have nothing to worry about.

Suppose you have always wanted to try out surfing or enjoy watching surfers do their magic. In that case, I suggest you visit Topanga beach.

The most famous stretch of sand in Malibu is Zuma Beach. The shallow water and gently sloping sand make this beach ideal for swimming, body surfing, and wading. All you have to do is to change into your swimming suits and enjoy the cool water of this particular beach.

The least I forget is the Getty Villa. This place alone is worth a stop at Malibu. You can discover ancient art from the end of the Stone Age to the fall of the Roman Empire. The fantastic thing about it is that this world-class museum is free!

Malibu Wine Safari also allow guests to taste wine and tour a collection of exotic animals. So, suppose you have always desired to try out different wines. In that case, you can use this perfect opportunity before driving to another city.

Check out this amazing Malibu wine adventure & hike on your trip to Malibu!

3.    Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is a beautiful coastal town in Southern California. It is known for its beautiful beaches, free attractions, restaurants, breakfast spots, and romantic Pacific Ocean views. Therefore, if you are embarking on this trip with your significant other and looking for romantic activities, you can do in Santa Barbara. I recommend you visit the historic Lobero Theatre, where you can watch ballet, chamber orchestra, jazz, and other amazing performances.

If you are a lover of art, I suggest you visit the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. This museum was founded in 1941, and it contains over 27,000 artworks. These artworks are works from America, Asia, and Europe. Also, let’s not forget the wildlife lovers. If you have ever imagined seeing various animals in their space, you can check out the Santa Barbara Zoo. This zoo provides a natural habitat for over 500 animals, including numerous reptiles, mammals, birds, and animals.

Taking a wine tour around the Santa Barbara County wineries is a complete experience for any wine lover. Santa Barbara boasts of over 28 tasting rooms scattered across the city. Most of these tasting rooms are near each other, meaning you can enjoy lots of wine tastings during your stay in Santa Barbara. If you are not sure of the exact wineries to visit, you can employ the services of certified sommeliers.

Another free attraction offered in Santa Barbara that you can try out is Shoreline Park. You can get magnificent views of the city and the Santa Barbara coastline. You should definitely capture these images with your camera. The county courthouse should not be left behind in your tour. The basic truth is that if you are to explore all around Santa Barbara, you might end up spending days in the city. The attractions are too many!

Hunger is inevitable in any road trip, but you have nothing to worry about as Santa Barbara is packed with numerous restaurants. You could also try out the Santa Barbara Tasting Tours organized along State Street in downtown Santa Barbara. As much as you would like to bask in the day’s sunlight, nighttime would surely come. Therefore, you can decide to camp for the night inside your van or a suitable accommodation offered in Santa Barbara, such as a beachside cottage or modern condo.

4.    Solvang

Solvang is not a common next stop one expects to make on a LA to San Francisco road trip. However, if you want a taste of Europe, it would make for a good stop spot. Solvang is located 45 minutes north of Santa Barbara. It was founded by Danish immigrants who wanted to make their surroundings familiar even after immigrating to the United States. Thus, making it famous as the Golden State’s historic Danish town.

You might be wondering what makes Solvang a part of our best stops on the scenic drive of LA to San Francisco. First, for literature lovers embarking on this road trip, I recommend you visit the Hans Christian Andersen Museum. You can also try out the Wilding Museum of Art and Nature of Solvang if you want to see art in its glory and appreciate the works of nature. For fans of historical novels, which are used to reading about carriage as transportation then. I am sure you would want to take a trip to the past. The Solvang Trolley and Carriage can help you achieve such a desire.

I remember vividly the first time I read about emus and ostriches. I was so curious as to see them real. When I toured Solvang, I was privileged to come across these big birds. The OstrichLand USA is a suitable tour center for aviary enthusiasts. You would also be amazed at how many tour centers exists in Solvang. Therefore, I implore you to make a stop at this city whenever you embark on the LA to San Francisco scenic drive.

5.    Pismo Beach

After Solvang, an excellent next stop on this road trip is Pismo Beach. Along the coastline south of downtown, Pismo State Beach offers a vast seaside activity. Activities like swimming, surfing, suntanning, freshwater fishing, dune exploring, and clam digging are carried out on this beach. Suppose you have never seen monarch butterflies in their natural habitat. You can do so by visiting the Monarch Butterfly Grove, located at the northern end of Pismo Beach.

This Monarch Butterfly Grove is a free activity suited for a whole family. Another fun part of this stop is the Pismo Beach Pier. This is quite popular for fishing, strolling, and photographing. You can easily navigate this beach through the Pismo Beach Promenade, which provides a great vehicle pathway. So, if this is your interest, you should definitely stop here before leaving this beach.

Depending on the time of your trip, you could be lucky enough to experience the Pismo Beach Clam Festival. It is usually celebrated every October and involves activities like live music, surf competitions, and parades. It is worth mentioning that Pismo Beach is a great location for traveling families due to the many kid-friendly attractions nearby. Attractions like Dinosaur Caves Park are sure to excite the kids.

A short drive from Pismo Beach is the stunning Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa. It was established in 1772 by Father Junipero Serra. Mission San Luis Obispo was the fifth mission in California. San Luis Obispo contains many scenic and historic attractions within walking distance of each other. For example, is the on-site museum.

6.    Morro Bay

Morro Bay is a great place to stop along your road trip from LA to San Francisco. This small, sleepy coastal town is known for Morro Rock, an ancient volcanic mound at the end of Morro Rock Beach. The rock sits within Morro Bay State Park, home to lagoons, trails and a bird-rich saltwater marsh. Morro Bay State Park’s Museum of Natural History features exhibits on ecology and local Native American culture. Trails lead up Black Hill for views over the city and Morro Bay.

7.    Hearst Castle

Moving forward to another best stop you can make on this scenic drive is Hearst Castle. We always read of castles while we were growing up but seeing a real one is no easy fit. Anyone traveling along Highway 1 will surely pass through San Simeon, located in Central California. San Simeon is known for its beaches, rural feel, elephant seals, and the Hearst Castle.

The iconic Hearst Castle is officially known as La Cuesta Encantada or The Enchanted Hill. This William Randolph Hearst estate offers an amazing glimpse of the early 20th-century newspaper and movie history. And it is simply a stunner. This castle boasts about 165 rooms and 123 acres of gardens, terraces, and walkways. Just like the exact description of the castle stories we read about then.

You cannot tour around this castle in a few hours because of its enormous size. Moreover, touring around this castle isn’t free, but at $25 for adults and $12 for children, you can have an amazing sight of the Hearst Castle before you continue your journey to San Francisco. In addition, Hearst Castle offers a Holiday Twilight tour on specific nights in November and December. Perhaps, this is your trip time; make sure you take advantage of this!

8.    Elephant Seal Vista Point

I have always been fascinated by elephants. The king of the jungle. So, when I heard that I had the opportunity to visit a place where I could see them, I hopped on it. Located just a few kilometers from Hearst Castle is the Elephant Seal Vista Point. Here, at this wonderful stop, you are offered the view of elephant seals relaxing on the beach and waddling in the ocean. It is impossible to miss this place when driving along Highway 1 due to the multiple signs indicating it.

It is so much fun watching these elephant seals irrespective of the time you stop by Piedras Blancas. This place offers a unique vantage point with easy access to view the elephant seals. The entire population of these seals is 17,000. The population increases to thousands during the birthing season, around January to May. But during the summer season, it decreases.

Your chances of spotting other wildlife animals are pretty high. Most importantly, it would be best to observe their behavior when you visit this place. You will surely be fascinated. These elephant seals sleep, fight, flip sand, sunbathe, vocalize, and move around water with some peculiar moves. It is simply amazing admiring the work of nature. Even if you don’t know about these seals, members of Friends of the Elephant Seals, a non-profit organization, are available to attend to your needs and questions if you have any.

9.    Big Sur

To me, Big Sur is more of an experience than a place to visit. For any LA to San Francisco road trip, Big Sur is always the highlight you don’t want to miss. It contains numerous attractions that could take your breath away. It is where the Santa Lucia Mountains meet the Pacific Ocean. With attractions like Keyhole Rock formations, 80-foot waterfalls, Limekiln Stare Parks, etc., Big Sur offers a variety of things to do for outdoor enthusiasts. You could spend more than a day here just exploring places like Pfeiffer Beach and Bixby Bridge.

You can’t stop at Big Sur without visiting Pfeiffer Beach. Irrespective that the road leading to this beach is inaccessible to RVs and trailers, you shouldn’t let that hinder you. A short trail from the parking lot leads to a breathtaking ocean view. You can’t get such a view anywhere else on the coast. The main beauty of this beach is the Keyhole Rock. This is regarded as the best place to see the sunset in Big Sur. So, you can carry along a beach chair to this place if you desire. 

Another wonderful place to visit in Big Sur is the Bixby Canyon Bridge. This iconic symbol was completed in 1932 and stood 260 feet above Bixby Creek. You should pose for a picture here before moving on to another stop. Named after the pioneer in Big Sur country, Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park is another place I recommend you visit. If you are a hiker or want to try hiking, this place provides elevated landscapes to explore, such as the Ewoldsen Trail. You can also spot the stunning McWay Falls plummeting over 80 feet into the ocean from the parking lot. Very thrilling!

Ragged Point is often the first stop you will make when traveling through Big Sur if you are heading north. If you decide to stop here, make sure you pull over at the Ragged Point Inn and Resort. This place offers coffee bars, beautiful places to lodge the night, gourmet restaurants, great seascapes, and a steep trail that descends into a black-sand beach. You can also check out Salmon Creek Falls, located north of Ragged Point.

Another fantastic place you could visit is Limekiln State Park. This park is over 700 acres of redwood forests and the dramatic nature of the Santa Lucia Range. It offers you the opportunity to hike organize a mini picnic or campsites. Finally, before moving out of Big Sur, you can also decide to camp at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park. This is one of the biggest campgrounds in Big Sur and offers over 150 campsites. It also accommodates tents and RVs along the river. The Big Sur lodge provides indoor accommodations and little grocery items. You can also purchase unique souvenirs before leaving.

10.    Carmel

Carmel is next on the list of best stops to make when traveling from LA to San Francisco and is one of my favorite places in the entire world. Carmel’s proximity to Big Sur and San Francisco makes it one of the best parts to visit in California. There are so many things to do in Carmel-by-the-sea that it is practically impossible to get bored. With world-famous golf, celebrity residents, great hiking trails, art festivals, culinary experiences, and even white sand beaches, I guarantee you will fall in love with Carmel city. So, you should consider staying a couple of hours to explore this great town.

On stopping here, you can start exploring from Ocean Ave. By strolling along Ocean Ave., you will come across locals dining al fresco, dogs roaming around, local boutiques, and restaurants. Everything is along Ocean Ave. Another memorable experience you are likely to have here is 17 Mile Drive. Pebble Beach resort owns this scenic drive, so it requires a little fee. Pebble beach should be your first stop after 17 Mile Drive. This beach boasts six different beaches.

You can start your tour from Moss Beach photographing surfers, then head off to the inn at Spanish Bay for a breakfast treat. Afterward, you can visit Spanish Bay Beach. If you have never learned it, you could try learning paddle boarding at the Stillwater Cove. If that is not your interest, you can rather catch a glimpse of some wildlife at Fanshell Beach and Bird Rock. Finally, you can watch the magnificent sunset at Seal Rock Creek Beach.

Carmel-by-the-sea also boasts numerous wine tasting rooms throughout the city, especially downtown. So, wine tasting in Carmel is a must. To get a bit of tan, you could sunbathe at Carmel Beach. This beach is filled with bright white sand. Before moving on to your next stop, try spending a day at Point Lobos State Natural Reserve. Especially if you are a favorite of nature, I implore you to at least dedicate half a day to explore around Point Lobos.

11. Monterey

Monterey such a charm. It is a small city with many historical sites and modern attractions. Monterey was originally known for its fish canning. Cannery Row, the former fish packing area, is now regarded as a beautiful neighborhood with restaurants and shops. Also, along the waterfront are Fisherman’s Wharf and the Monterey Bay Aquarium. You can arrive at Monterey through the 17-mile drive in Carmel.

You should start touring from the Monterey Bay Aquarium. If your visit time is right, you can see some daily shows and watch penguins or sea otters being fed. You could also see tuna, sharks, turtles, and other marine life feeding through a huge window. I recommend visiting Cannery Row to see the scenic waterfront. Before moving on to the next stop, make sure you stop at the Old Fisherman’s Wharf. This is a great place for seafood, and luckily some restaurants give out samples as you walk by.

You can embark on whale watching excursions, deep-sea fishing charters, and glass bottom boat tours from the wharf. You also get to see sea lions sunning. You surely want to experience all these in your lifetime.

12. Santa Cruz

A drive from Monterey to Santa Cruz takes an hour. This quintessential California beach town is synonymous with sun, sand, and summer fun.

The Santa Cruz Wharf is a great place to start your visit. It serves as a fishing pier and sightseeing vantage point. There are many things to do at the wharf. You can start sampling the local seafood from the different restaurants to souvenirs buying. Tourists who visit the wharf enjoy bird-watching and sea lion viewing.

Santa Cruz downtown is also a pleasant place perfect for an afternoon stroll. Pacific Avenue’s main street is filled with cafes, ice-cream shops, and fresh-squeezed juice kiosks. These cafes and restaurants also allow for outdoor dining enabling the tourists to bask in the sunshine. I suggest you visit the Wilder Ranch State Park, which is 4 miles north of downtown Santa Cruz. This is a place best suited for biking, hiking, and horse riding.

Another popular place to visit in Santa Cruz is the Beach Boardwalk. It contains one of the oldest roller-coasters in the USA. Thus, if you desire a roller-coaster ride, you should definitely visit here. However, entry into the Beach Boardwalk is free; the ride is not free.

13. Half Moon Bay

Just 30 miles south of San Francisco is the small town of Half Moon Bay. You can decide to stop here and have lunch at the Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay before entering the big city of San Francisco. The downtown of Half Moon Bay delights visitors with its old-fashioned hotels, casual cafes, and gourmet restaurants. I recommend going to Main Street if you want to dine and shop. For Italian cuisine, you can visit the popular Pasta Moon.

The Lemos Farm is also a very popular attraction for families, especially those with younger kids. It contains resident pigs, goats, sheep, and bunnies. There are also ponies that little kids can ride on. Before moving on, you should visit the Half Moon Bay Beaches. Its coastline is made up of several state beaches. Beaches like Venice, Francis, Dunes, and Surfers are worth visiting. Most times, visitors don’t even swim. Rather, they appreciate the natural beauty and breathe in the fresh sea air.

14. Marin Headlands

Before ending the scenic drive of LA to San Francisco, I suggest you make your final stop at Marin Headlands in San Francisco. The Golden Gate Bridge Vista Point is one of the most popular spots for visitors to San Francisco. But what most do is to drive across the bridge, view around, take photos, and get back to the highway.

You would be amazed at how much these visitors are missing by not getting as far as the Marin Headlands. The main attraction in Marin Headlands is the loop drive. This drive climbs high above the Golden Gate Bridge to the north and west and provides stunning bridge views. If you are a lover of animals, I suggest you visit the Marine Mammal Center. This is an animal hospital free and open to the public. You get to see elephant seals and sea lions being nursed back to health. What a great way to end your trip!

Is It Worth Doing A Road Trip to San Francisco from Los Angeles?

As said before, you can go by air or through the I5 highway route if you are in a hurry to get to San Francisco. But if you are not and you are thinking of going on a weekend excursion with your partner or family. Then I suggest you make this scenic road trip from LA to San Francisco.

While we explored all the possible stops you could make while driving this scenic route, it is highly guaranteed that you won’t feel bored as there are lots of fantastic attractions that are bound to take your breath away. You can also make Santa Barbara, Carmel, or Monterey your temporary campground from these stops along Highway 1. This is because these places have a variety of attractions that can keep you busy for a couple of days than the others.

Because I have made this trip numerous times, I can boldly say it is worth making a road trip to San Francisco from LA. Thus, I encourage you to try it out!

Where To Stay on an LA to San Francisco Drive

With so many options along the Pacific Coast Highway, I recommend in either Santa Barbara and Carmel or Half Moon Bay to get the most out of your trip along the coast.

These areas have nice outdoor attractions, are right off the coast and in my opinion, are the most beautiful. You can spend a couple days and explore one area, or even spend a day at each location as you make your way to San Francisco.

If you enjoy surfing and spending time in the sun at the beach, I would recommend Pismo Beach or Santa Cruz and spending a couple nights at either of these locations. If you’re looking to stay in Pismo Beach, check out the Vespera Resort on Pismo Beach. It’s right on the beach and is also pet-friendly if you’re bringing your four-legged friend to tag along.

If you’re headed up to Santa Cruz instead, check out Dream Inn, which is the only hotel that sits right on the beach in Santa Cruz. Have fun in the sun, have a picnic on the beach, or take in breathtaking views of Cowell Beach while you have an oceanside dinner with panoramic views.

Los Angeles

The London West Hollywood at Beverly Hills – Located in the heart of Hollywood and less than 2 miles from Beverly Hills, this glamorous all-suite hotel is right off Sunset Strip and is the perfect location for exploring Hollywood and LA.

The Ritz-Carlton Los Angeles – Nestled right in the heart of downtown LA, this is a great hotel to stay to explore dining, nightlight and all the Los Angeles has to offer in a central location.

Not sure what to look for? Click here to browse all hotels in Los Angeles!

Santa Barbara

Kimpton Canary Hotel – One of my favorite places in Santa Barbara! With breathtaking views and right in the heart of downtown, this hotel is perfect for shopping, dining and exploring all that Santa Barbara has to offer.

The Ritz-Carlton Bacara Santa Barbara – Another favorite of mine, right on the beach! If you’re looking for a romantic getaway, with long walks along the coast or to play a round of golf, this is the place to stay. You might not want to leave!

Not sure what to look for? Click here to browse all hotels in Santa Barbara!


Hyatt Carmel Highlands – An absolutely breathtaking resort with ocean views and award-winning fine dining. Indulge in the outdoor garden spas and one of the three outdoor pools to relax and unwind on your trip.

InterContinental The Clement, Monterey – Stay right off the coast and enjoy amazing ocean views in the heart of Canary Row in Monterey.

Not sure what to look for? Click here to browse all hotels in Carmel/Monterey!

San Francisco

The Fairmont Heritage Place Ghirardelli Square – Stay in the center of it all in this luxury hotel, which is only 2 minutes away from the beach and Fisherman’s Wharf.

JW Marriott San Francisco Union Square – With some many attractions to choose from, walk to Union Square and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Not sure what to look for? Click here to browse all hotels in San Francisco!

Sailing in Santa Barbara, California

A drive from LA to San Francisco is definitely one you’ll remember. It’s one of my favorite drives and I hope it’s one that will create lots of precious memories. With so much beauty, it’s one that will please every type of traveler.

Are you planning a drive from LA to San Francisco? Let me know in the comments below!

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