We’re looking for a dynamic, part-time 100% remote Content Writer who is passionate about writing, creating and SEO. If you’re a rockstar at creating content and SEO, this is the perfect fit for you.


You have excellent command of the English language, you’re creative, yet you understand SEO, keyword research and have a bit of analytical skills.

You love to write, and have an interest in DIY, Lifestyle, Travel & Home Décor content. You’re passionate about creating amazing content for our audience of women who are inspired by food, home décor, and lifestyle content.

You’re creative. In this role, you have the freedom to write posts on the topics of your choice. You also have excellent time management skills and complete projects within a tight deadline. You have good observation skills and a keen attention to detail.

what you’ll do:

  • Create content on a variety of lifestyle topics
  • Provide innovative ideas for how NoB can create a better content strategy
  • Create content under tight deadlines with excellent attention to detail
  • Do something you love!

how to apply:

  • Send your resume here
  • If you’re a fit, we’ll be in touch
  • You’ll complete a one-round interview & then we will make a decision
  • Thank you for your interest!